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Soon, we’ll get a closer insight into the life of Pac and his legacy behind-the-scenes with a 5 part docu-series confirmed to be in the works.


Reports state that the series will be directed by Allen Hughes, the mind behind Menace II Society and HBO‘s recent docu-series The Defiant Ones – based on the lives of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.


To give Hughes every chance to make the series as authentic and realistic as possible, Tupac’s estate has given the director full access to both the rapper’s released and unreleased tracks, as well as video footage and his poetry. This comes after a small glimpse into what his estate has to offer, with their recent Tupac merch and record drop just last year. 


This is a huge step for Pac’s estate, as they were previously hesitant to give the go-ahead for footage involved in The Defiant Ones:


“My original cut is not the way it [eventually aired].” Hughes said. “The family and the estate were really sensitive about taking things out of context when it came to weapons in his hands, you know? He was at a shooting range and it was pretty explosive in the original cut, and they were very, very, very adamant that we not do it that way.”


The choice for Hughes’ involvement in the series came as a surprise to many due to a well-known fallout between the director and Tupac back in the 90’s. After directing the video for Pac’s Brenda’s Got A Baby, Hughes cast him in Menace II Society but Pac ended up getting fired after wanting a bigger role.


Things then escalated later at the set of the music video for Spice1, where Tupac and his entourage allegedly assaulted Hughes, resulting in him pressing charges against Pac and having him sentenced to jail time.


It’s not all bad blood though, as Hughes later explained that the reasoning behind Pac’s role (or lack thereof) in Menace II Society was due to the fact that he was “bigger than the movie”.


Allen Hughes will work alongside producers Lasse Järvi and Charles D. King, with Tom Pellegrini on the set of the not-yet-titled Tupac series.


No word yet on a release date for what will most likely be a monumental series, but stay tuned for any upcoming details.


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