What: Late Night Party, presented by Sydney Festival & Astral People.

When: Friday, January 20 @ 10 pm

Where: Moonshine Bar (The Thirsty Mile), Sydney, Australia.


We’re giving away A FEW DOUBLE PASSES valued at AUD $500 to the Astral People: Silent Jay & Setwun Present Nu Dialects event, this Saturday the 20th.

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Experience the thriving alternative soul scene in Australia as Astral People and Sydney Festival bring together the finest talents for a special Alty and fun night event.

Australia’s alternative scene, once simmering, has now reached its boiling point. Joining forces at the epicentre of this movement are two pivotal figures – Silentjay from Melbourne and Setwun from Sydney – for the creation of Nu Dialects. This powerhouse collective showcases some of the country’s most captivating talents, featuring special guest appearances by Baro Sura, Agung Mango, CD, GLO, Inc, MAMMOTH., Scruffs, and other surprise acts.


Prepare for a transcendental evening at Moonshine Bar, where a diverse blend of soul, hip hop, and beyond will be on display. Anticipate alluring voices, sharp lyricism, and a stirring soundtrack influenced by a myriad of inspirations. Nu Dialects stands as an affirming celebration of Australia’s vibrant underground scene – proudly individualistic, provocative, and forward-thinking.


Curated by Astral People, Sydney’s go-to crew for avant-garde electronica, these explorative sonics will be complemented by the sinuous splendour of the art installation Hi-Vis. This promises to be a night for the books, a unique convergence of cutting-edge music and visual artistry.

For full details around the location and ticketing, head here.



All images are provided by Sydney Festival & Astral People.