Cut | , | September 25, 2018


Do you use Spotify? Do you have DNA? Do you want to grant Spotify unprecedented access to your DNA and the ability to comb through and parcel out information about you based on your genetic makeup?


If you answered yes to all of the above, Spotify X Ancestry have announced a fun and mildly terrifying way for you to discover new music.


Music streaming giant Spotify has teamed up with genealogy website Ancestry to create curated playlists based on a user’s genetic makeup.



Basically, any Spotify user who has submitted their DNA to Ancestry now has the ability to link their genealogy results to Spotify to create playlists of tracks popular within the regions of their heritage.


To get your playlist, you’ll need to sign up for the Ancestry DNA program, which will set you back $99 USD.


It also requires you to give the website a “perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable license” to use your DNA. It’s all very Black Mirror.


Straight up, this is pretty weird. It’s like when you look up something on the Internet and then immediately see an ad for it the next time you’re scrolling through Instagram. Except this is more like Spotify pre-saving a bunch of Drake songs for you the second you emerge from the womb.


Ready to accept our new Spotify overlords? See how your music taste stacks up against people around the world (and don’t forget to send through your core genetic makeup) here


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Cover image via Instagram @michaelw809.