It’s no secret that Pharrell William’s causes havoc in the fashion world with his Louis Vuitton collaborations, and with that, his latest debuted collection does not disappoint. It was Paris Fashion Week in June 2023 where Pharrell unveiled his funky and bold aesthetic collection, which showcased everyday streetwear, and paid homage to Virgil Abloh’s impactful legacy by revamping House staples. 

And, with this pixelated collection’s most talked-about piece: the Louis Vuitton SS24 sandwich bag. 


The collection featured smooth leather textiles, extending into the accessories line with a touch of surrealism. With Williams’ inaugural collection hitting shelves, a closer look reveals the Spring/Summer 2024 runway-debuted sandwich bag. The bag’s design is a testament to Williams’ attention to detail. This design, reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s tan shoppers, boasts a folded opening for convenient lunch access. Because, you never know when you might need a luxury sandwich bag… right!?


The bag showcases raised Louis Vuitton lettering at the midpoint, complemented by a blue pull tab securing the flap in place. The bag overall, is a laid-back design with matte finishes and an ultra-premium feel, perfect for a stylish lunchtime accessory. It pushes boundaries and redefines what everyday objects can be in the realm of high fashion.


Take a closer look at this iconic piece in the flicks above, or head to Edward Chiu’s IG here.


Featured photo & Gallery images via Instagram @edwardjohnsebastian