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You’ve probably seen Marco Mori‘s work floating around on Instagram.


The account looks like a kind of psychedelic, technological vision of the future, where huge, naked bodies fling themselves off diving boards or into each other’s fists. Human heads shrink, expand, melt and implode. In one video, dozens of naked bodies scramble across a blue void as a giant donut mows down those lagging behind to a drum and bass score.


We asked German-based 3D artist Marco Mori just what the fuck is going on here.



How did you get into this type of 3D art? Did you sketch first?

I was never good at drawing. I actually came from a sports background – soccer, skateboarding. I wasn’t a very creative person. I started off making a few short skate videos with Windows Movie Maker. They were very amateur with shitty FX. Eventually, I taught myself Cinema 4D using online tutorials.


You come from an athletic background – is that why we’re always seeing videos of boxing, basketball and soccer?

Maybe. I don’t really have a concept set in stone before I start. I just wake up and think, ‘okay, maybe let’s try this new technique’ and it develops from there.


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A lot of your work is pretty wild, I’m thinking about the “Conception” piece, where a head falls out of a fleshy tunnel. How does an image like that get put together?

The great thing about 3D is that there’s no design limitations – I can do whatever I like. I’ll usually watch a few tutorials online, have a think, and then give the technique a go. I work in reverse. First comes the experimentation of technique, and then the concept follows from there. It’s an ongoing, learning process.


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The Nike swoosh on some of your videos – are they branded by Nike?

Unfortunately, no. I just wanted a little attention from Nike. It was also mainly because of the slogan – Just Do it – which really worked for my videos. I wanted this slogan alongside people constantly failing.


Why are they always big and naked?

It’s much easier to simulate bigger humans. Smaller figures are much harder to work with. There’s a lot more you can do in 3D with bigger guys.


So they naturally became bigger because you found the size easier to work with?

Yes. They’re naked because I was just too lazy to simulate clothes. Simulating clothes is like a whole days work to get it properly done so I just decided to have them naked.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on the 2 Chainz and Jay Park video. The co-producer of the last Lil Jon video Alive hit me up over IG. I’ve sent them a few different shots.



What kind of visuals are they looking for?

In the first visual, sunglasses are falling into a shot glass. In the second, a woman swallows the liquid, and the camera assumes the position of the liquid as you go down the oesophagus.


Let me know if you need a skinny white dude modelling for you in the future.

Will do.


Cover Image: Instagram | @macomoroni