Cut | | April 20, 2018

Ben Simmons ain’t afraid of the big lights.


Heading into a tough Game 3 on the road against Miami, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers had a little work to do. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra readjusted after Game 1, telling his players to get more physical in order to slow down Philly’s run-and-gun game style.


The result had D.Wade playing some vintage form and stealing Game 2.


Simmons response in Game 3?


Put up numbers not seen since Oscar “The Big O” Robinson’s rookie year.


Simmons has recorded a total of 60 points, 30 rebounds and 29 assists across his first three playoff games, joining Oscar Robinson as the only two players in NBA history to record such stats in their first post-season outings.


And what of the physicality?


“I love it … I love when guys are trying to throw elbows or whatever it is. Being from Australia, I played Australian football, so I’m used to it. Makes me play better.”


Philly took the game 128 – 108 with Game 4 scheduled for Sunday 4.30am AEST.


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Cover Image: Instagram | @bensimmons