Cut | | May 31, 2017

Sometimes sex toys can look like well, nothing like sex toys. The Sydney police and bomb squad found out this the hard way last night, after seizing a ‘bomb-like object’.


The object caused the evacuation of Liverpool police station, two police officers taken to hospital due to possible ‘chemical exposure’ and the man arrested with a possible terrorism.


As Ice Cube says, check yourself before ya wreck yourself. The suspected explosive turned out to be nothing more then the mans homemade sex toy.


Now you’re probably intrigued into what this man sex toy looked like? Well the police have announced it was a putty-like substance with a switch device, wrapped in plastic. The putty combined with the the electrical component were meant to cause a vibrating effect.


As for the police set to the hospital, they are on the mend after a coincidental sickness that included similar symptoms to chemical exposure, including dizziness and vomiting.


So what have we learnt here kids? Don’t make sex toys at home.


sex toy bomb casula


Photo via Sydney Morning Herald.