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With the spooky season well upon us, it’s time to serve some looks.


If you need some outfit inspo and don’t want to be caught dead in last year’s costume, read on. We’ve linked up with REDDS’ Midnights this year to bring you a collection of timely and soberingly hilarious ideas for your Halloween antics.


These fits will either leave people questioning your sanity or wondering why they aren’t already friends with you. So, which side of the night are you on?


1. Emotionally Damaged Rolf From Ed Edd n Eddy

We’re pretty much Rolf on an everyday basis anyway, so why not get as true to character as possible?


2. Moth and Lamp Couples Costume

Display your love and affection for each other in a way that everyone under the sun (or lamp?) will understand. Even though nothing about this meme makes sense.


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3. Instagram Influencer Costume

Complete the outfit with: a Hi-Smile kit, lip fillers, and your dad’s bank account. Okay, this one is actually available from Urban Outfitters and, yes, we have the shop link (here). Welcome to 2018. THE CUT | COOKED HALLOWEEN COSTUMES 2018



4. “This Is Fine” Dog

An outfit that shows on the outside how we feel on the inside. Wear this to work for that extra touch of reality.


5. Fortnite Character Skins

Fortnite was so unironically popular that even parents were forking out hundreds of dollars for their kids to get Fortnite tutors (yes, we’re serious and, no, we don’t know what to think of it). So get ready to rehearse your best Fortnite dance moves and public humiliation coping mechanisms for this one.



6. Al Sharpton’s Painfully Awkward Mirror Selfie

We have no words for the talc powder this guy added for that ashy leg effect.


7. Young Sassy-As-Ever Cardi B

Nothing’s changed, and we love it. All hail Queen Cardi and the countless memes this has served us.


8. Human Beer Pong Cup Hybrid

Pay tribute to probably the best game on Earth. Petition to bring beer pong to the Olympics, anyone?  Shop here.



9. Doja Cat In “Mooo!”

Mooo! was probably one of the weirdest audio and visual experiences we’ve ever had but, boy, was this catchy. Bitch, you’re a cow.


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10. Lil Pupper Pump & Kanye West in “I Love It”

Match with your doggo in this iconic DIY outfit.


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11. Distracted Boyfriend Scene

The most versatile meme base ever created which we will use until our dying day.


12. Donna T. Rumpshaker

“Sexy” and “Trump” are two words we never want to see associated with one another, ever. Get your mate to dress up as sexy Kanye and you’ve got 2018’s most iconic duo. Shop hereTHE CUT | COOKED HALLOWEEN COSTUMES 2018


How did the history of Halloween begin with bedsheet ghosts and end with sexy politicians? Is there a costume for the year 2018?


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