Culture | , | September 04, 2018

Set your GPS for Isengard and turn on your alarm’s for elevensies, a 9 hour The Lord of the Rings marathon is coming in October; so you can watch J. R. R. Tolkien‘s best work unravel on film and relive where Frodo‘s life went from 0 to 110.


PSA: If you didn’t get any of those references, never admit it unless you want to be the local piss take for a bunch of nerds in a Runescape chat.


The viewing begins just before second breakfast at 10AM, so bring along your lembas bread and maybe a spare pipe for the 558-minute duration of the day from every LOTR fanatic’s dreams.


You can catch the one marathon to rule them all on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at Brisbane’s Elizabeth Picture Theatre, where tickets are going for a precious price of $12 – and maybe a riddle too – for each film.


Be sure to book your tickets now to avoid a super awkward “you shall not pass” scene where you could all well and good be taken by a Balrog. Just saying.


Secure your spot here and start prepping for October 7. Mithril shirt and all.



Cover image via Facebook @lordoftheringstrilogy