Cut | May 16, 2019


There’s certain things we don’t want to see on our social media feeds that have us urging to click ‘mute’ on certain friends; from spoilers from the new Game of Thrones episode, to preachy political opinions, to the spam of baby photos.


We get it, you’re happy for your friend’s new addition to the family, and the first few photos were cute, but sometimes enough is enough. Luckily, there’s now a way for you to avoid those baby photos without having to unfriend anyone.


Condom company Skyn has launched a Baby Blocker that’ll stop you from seeing pictures of babies and toddlers all over your feed. The free-to-download Google Chrome extension will detect when a Facebook account posts a baby pic, and then it will replace it with “things you actually like, giving you more browsing pleasure.”



CEO of LifeStyles, the company behind Skyn, Jeyan Heper said:


“Everyone shares in the joy of the arrival of a famous baby and relish seeing the images released across social channels… On average, parents share 1,500 pictures of their little darlings from the moment they arrive to the age of five, which for some people might be a little bit too much. The Baby Blocker was created for them: a simple and fun way to swap baby photos in your feed for images of other things you might like.”


In a press release, the company said they were motivated to create the extension due to certain high profile births that could lead to a large amount of baby pictures being uploaded. Whether they’re talking about the new royal baby or Kimye’s fourth child, we suggest downloading it right now to avoid all the baby news.


However be warned, this is only a Google Chrome extension. So if you use Facebook on your phone more than your desktop, you won’t be able to avoid pictures of your colleague’s sister’s newborn.


You can download the Baby Blocker on Chrome’s store here.


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Featured image via Instagram @eloisedannoun.