Cut | , | February 07, 2019



Remember The Egg? The Instagram account that posted a picture of an egg that managed to rake up more than 50 million likes and become the app’s most liked picture ever?



Well, it cracked.


As teased all throughout the Super Bowl, the egg appeared with a growing crack hinting at some sort of reveal that would occur on Hulu.



It turns out, the reveal was a minute long PSA about mental health and its association with social media.


Check out the reveal video and PSA here:



The egg also posted to its IG page (which now has 10 million followers) linking to, the organization it partnered with for the reveal.



We can honestly say we did not see this coming. Good on ya, Egg.


Memes are taking over the real world. For example, Fortnite is getting sued over nearly all its dance moves.


Cover image credit: IG @world_record_egg