Parties | March 05, 2018

WHAT: Pitch Music and Arts Festival

WHERE:  Mayston, Victoria, Australia

WHEN: Friday 9th March – Monday 5th, 2018


The Cut | REDDS | Pitch Music Festival


Pitch Festival is marketing their festival as a “bacchanalian” affair. Bacchus was a Roman God that inspired drunken revelry and general debauchery. In Euripide’s play, The Bacchae, the party-goers actually go rogue and commit God-knows-what in the bush.




Here’s a few things you need to consider if you’re heading down to Pitch this weekend.


1.) A sense of humour. If someone bumps into you – be chill. We’re all there to ruin ourselves. Not others.



2.) Strong bladder. Work on it this week. No one wants piss down their leg.


3.) Portable batteries – you’ll be the most popular dude/dudette in the Grampians.




4.) Insect repellent. Mosquitoes are evolving. They’re not making that little ringing noise when they fly anymore. In other words, you’re fucked without it.


5.) Sex stuff. Don’t do a Barnaby.


6.) Ear plugs. I don’t want to sound like Uncle Lame-Ass over here but my ears are legit fucked (tinnitus)  from drumming. Even if you’re not wearing them for Mount Kimbie or Ben UFO or The Black Madonna or Motor City Drum Ensemble then consider them for sleep. They’ll drown out any “bacchantes” going rogue.


7.) H20. Fucking revolutionary idea. But, seriously.


Get ready for Pitch with this playlist.




Full lineup: 

‣ Alta (Live)
‣ Ben UFO
‣ Bicep (Live)
‣ The Black Madonna*
‣ Booka Shade (Live)*
‣ Call Super*
‣ CC: Disco!
‣ Cinthie*
‣ DJ EZ*
‣ DJ Tennis (Australian Exclusive)
‣ Eelke Kleijn*
‣ Fantastic Man
‣ Floating Points (Live)
‣ Fortunes (Live)
‣ Function
‣ Giorgio Gigli*
‣ GL (Live)
‣ Haiku Hands (Live)
‣ Heidi*
‣ HVOB (Live)*
‣ Kate Miller
‣ Kim Ann-Foxman*
‣ KLLO (Live)
‣ Kornél Kovács*
‣ Len Faki*
‣ Maceo Plex*
‣ Mano Le Tough*
‣ Marcel Dettmann*
‣ Marvin & Guy*
‣ Mike Callander
‣ Moodymann*
‣ Motor City Drum Ensemble
‣ Mount Kimbie*
‣ Nite Fleit
‣ Octo Octa (Live)*
‣ Or:la*
‣ Rodriguez Jr. (Live)*
‣ Seth Troxler*
‣ Sonja Moonear*
‣ Sven Väth
‣ Tom Trago
‣ Tornado Wallace
‣ Wax’o Dystopio
‣ Willaris. K (Live)


If you haven’t already, cop your tickets just in time, here.