Cut | , | March 05, 2019


Here’s a collab we never knew we needed until now; Travis Scott recently teamed up with NBA icon Kevin Durant to take a cruise, get deep and meaningful and belt out some tunes.


Just when we thought last week’s episode featuring Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey was the best it could get, this week’s duo gave them a run for their money. The episode starts with the two comically arguing over who gets to drive, which turns into them discussing their bond and high school moments (making us all wish even more that we knew them IRL).



Scott and Durant then get serious as they start rapping to Goosebumps, Sicko Mode and fit Rick James’ Super Freak in there too. Kylie Jenner even ended up interrupting the two with a phone call, because it’s not TV, the Internet or really anything without The Kardashians making a cameo.



You can watch the full episode here for more karaoke’ing, superhero talk and Scott x Durant banter.


Safe to say they’re our new favourite duo, besides Miles and Peter in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Check out the previously secret deleted scene between the two.



Cover image via Apple TV.