Cut, News | | February 22, 2017

Australia has started handing out licenses to cultivate pot, first being to Cann Group, ‘A world class, Australian-focused medicinal cannabis operation’ residing in VIC.  Another commercial company has also been given the OK to start growing by Canberra.


The Office of Drug Control (ODC) has issued the license on the grounds for medicinal and research purposes only… kind of like morphine. It’s a false alarm for recreational use, but one step closer to being able to blaze up anywhere.


It’s testament to the slow processes in federal government, after a year since the Amendment to the Narcotic Drugs Act. The act pretty much meant that for 12 whole months we’ve slept on legal marijuana R&D as a means to treat those diagnosed with chronic, painful diseases. Health minister, Sussan Ley says it means genuine patients are no longer treated like felons.


For now, cannabis are only legal in the hands of (licensed) white lab coats and the patients prescribed.



Image: weedia