Music | | January 28, 2019


Way back in 2016 Frank Ocean released his multifaceted project Endless on the Apple Music platform: a 45 minute long visual album full of emotive and elaborate tracks from singing and rapping to electronic instrumentals.


After all of us jumping to start our free Apple Music trials to watch the video and try and find the time stamps for our favourite tracks, vinyl, CD, DVD and VHS versions of Endless became available via Ocean’s website during November of 2017. However, we were all waiting for the opportunity to be able to stream the album without shitty mp3 rip quality and mislabeled songs.


Now all the way in 2019, our prayers have finally been answered to have the album all in one spot, in the convenience of our favourite music streaming apps. Sources claimed that the project was due to arrive on major streaming (Apple Music and Spotify, we’re guessing) on January 25, however, the drop has been delayed for reasons unknown.


Turn your alerts on for any updates on the album drop, and check out the visual version of Endless if you haven’t already. 



Speaking of reviving the past, Motorola are releasing an updated version of the RAZR flip phone with a huge price tag and we’re officially confused. 


Cover image via Instagram @blonded.