Over the weekend it was revealed that Kanye & Kid Cudi had been spotted in the studio together, working on a ‘surprise project’ in Japan. Based on the track record of the two, a ‘surprise project’ could either eventuate into the most steaming pile of experimental garbage (we’re looking at you, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven) or transcend all musical genius.


Now, rumours regarding collab albums are constantly breeding on the internet, with fans taking the slightest hints and unleashing their conspiracies onto social media platforms only to spread like wildfire.


Here’s a compilation of recent updates and ongoing speculations we’re been waiting on the edge of our FEAT. for…..


J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar 


Talk regarding a Cole x K.Dot collab project has swept the internet for a while now, however, whispers stirred, shook, and shocked the world recently when Top Dawg Entertainment‘s head honcho, Punch, tweeted this:



Punch continued to toy with our emotions, further fuelling the speculation fire shortly after eradicating rumours.



Depending on your ~personal~ tastes, a Kendrick/Cole joint project could be a blessing, or, a potential sign at the decline of civilisation, take your pick.


The Weeknd & Drake


This one will probably have 8 singles and soundtrack every party for the next 10 years. At OVO Fest a few weeks ago Drake dropped this fire whilst inviting The Weeknd up on stage, “I want you to understand what this is, first of all, I don’t want to do this to you on stage, but I feel like that OVOXO project has to happen at some point. I just want to say that.” Crew Love is a pretty iconic  indication of what the two can deliver when their banger-oriented mastermind brains are put together, so we can only hope….



Travis Scott & Quavo


The Cactus Jack x Huncho is out there somewhere, however, details sourrounding its release are still amibiguous.  Travis Scott has confirmed “Me and Quavo album ’bout to drop real soon. AstroWorld ’bout to drop real soon.” and the project even has a rumoured track-list….our curiosity levels are peaking…..



Kanye & Migos


During the height of the Kanye VS. Jay-Z fued, Ye was spotted in studio with the Atlanta boys. They totally could’ve been working on new tunes but they were probably just talking fashion. We want to be a fly on the wall, either way.



 Rich the Kid & Lil Yachty


The two young guns dropped this track last year and announced that their joint project Lil Boat & The GOAT would see a release on April 1st. Yeah, we know it was probably an April Fools joke but, who could blame us for wanting to see something this hilarious actually come into being?



Ghostface Killah & MF Doom


This one has been circulating for YEARS. Ghostface and Doom are two of hip hop’s most creative and provocative figures – we want nothing more than to witness an entire joint project that would literally change the world……



Flying Lotus & Anderson Paak. 


Flylo is a busy boy (the producer just released a movie), but that hasn’t stopped him from recently confirming that co-created music between himself and none other than the multi-talented, Mr Anderson Paak.