Music | , , | October 28, 2017

When Twitter burst onto the scene in 2006, the platform acted as a revolutionary tool, enabling individuals to enlighten the world with their innermost thoughts constantly.


Yes, this may have ushered in a new era of self-importance and propelled the toxic phenomenon of ‘sub-tweeting’, however, the way in which it bridged the gap between the ‘celebrity world’ and fandoms was nothing short of revolutionary.


Here are some of the most iconic wars to occur in less than 140 characters or less.


1. Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa wasn’t too stoked when Kanye let the world know he had a track named Waves in the work – ‘Waves’ being a strain of weed from his own line of kush. 



Kanye has since, unfortunately, deleted his Twitter 🙁


2. Vince Staples vs. Eminem 


Vince Staples is a torchbearer for honesty and forward thinking. He held no prisoners when it came to calling out Eminem’s incredibly questionable anti-Trump freestyle, taking to Twitter to let the world know just how he felt.



3. Azealia Banks vs. Everyone 


Azealia Banks isn’t one to keep her opinions to herself – she’s managed to piss off just about every figure in the music industry, igniting tiffs with Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Diplo and more….



4. Drake vs. Meek Mill


Meek Mill sure wasn’t to…. meek when it came to gushing about Drake’s supposed ~ghostwriter~ and went on to create a collective OVO clusterfuck, after saying Drake was miles behind the likes of Kendrick and J.Cole.



5. Lil Yachty vs Joe Budden 


Resident old-head Joe Budden called Yachty out for disrespecting the roots of ~real hip hop~ and ‘ruining the culture’ (sure). Yachty retorted in the most #angstyteen way possible. See:



Drake and The Weeknd are allegedly embroiled in a beef over Bella Hadid right now. Find out what’s going down.