Cut | | January 14, 2019


In just September of 2018, a man was caught on CCTV footage attempting to remove the Supreme London sign, reminding us way too much of when we were younger and it was cool to steal street signs.


Now just days into 2019, it’s happening again. This time, a young man was captured actually removing the sign with a jump-style technique whilst his friend recorded him. @supreme_leaks_news on Instagram shared a video of the incident, where the culprit’s face is clearly visible at the end.



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Someone has stolen the sign from the Supreme London store ? – @realsudden ? – @jaffasaba

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Not long after this, Instagram user @realsudden posted a music video where him and his posse are dancing with the stolen sign and bragging about how they nicked it from the store.



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If we rewind to the last time something like this happened, Supreme London ended up putting a free BOGO crewneck on the line for anyone who could ID the thief, meaning we could have more free Supreme up for grabs.


There’s been no news surrounding the fate of the sign thief just yet, but stay tuned for updates.


Speaking of weird behaviour, the California Police went after a man caught on CCTV licking someone’s doorbell for 3 whole hours.


Cover image via Instagram @suptalk.