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What: Pac Maze

When: Saturday August 29, 2019

Where: Melbourne, secret location


When we think of retro video games, Pac Man is one of the first ones to come to mind; that pixelated yellow circle and gang of colourful ghosts have been iconic since the 80s. For those of you in Melbourne, you’ll get the chance to live a real life Pac Man-esque experience for one day only this August.


The Pac Maze is an immersive escape room-style experience, held within a 1.5km LED light maze. Players will be challenged with solving a coded pac puzzle while collecting fruit. Just like in the classic video game you’ll only get three lives, and if you lose them all to the ghosts you’re out of the game. Be the first to win the game by collecting all the fruit and score yourself a sweet prize.


Once you’re out of the maze (and out of breath), try your hand at playing the original Pac Man arcade game from the 80s in a pixel themed room. There’ll also be a DJ to bring you sick tunes that’ll be sure to bring you back to your childhood.


This latest burst of childhood nostalgia comes from the same folks who brought you The Brick Bar, an adults-only Lego themed bar back in September 2018.



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You can play solo or in a team of up to ten. This is a one day only event so don’t miss your chance to try the best running exercise of your life from 10 am to 11 pm, and it comes adults only after 6 pm. Book yourself a session for you and your mates here. Ticket prices vary from $32.18 to $43.51.


For everyone else outside of Victoria, the crew of The Pac Maze won’t be leaving you out. Sign up to the newsletter here to find out when Pac Man will be popping up in your city.



If you’re more into modern video games, we hear the PS5 might be dropping some time in 2020.



Featured image via The Pac Maze.