Cut | , | April 17, 2019


Depending on how much you want to believe someone claiming to be a European developer leaking a wealth of crucial details and specs about one of the most highly-anticipated gaming consoles on the planet to an anonymous forum on the internet, we might have some intel about the PlayStation 5.


According to a post on Pastebin, the PS5 is set to drop sometime in 2020. And it won’t be cheap, either, clocking in at $500 USD.



But, the console does boast some impressive specs to back up its eyebrow-raising price point. The leak states that the PS5 is set to feature 8K resolution, a 2 terabyte hard drive and PlayStation VR compatibility.


It will also be bundled with a PlayStation Plus premium subscription and a DualShock 5 controller.


Aside from the specs, the leak also hinted at some of the games that might accompany the release.


Among them are The Last of Us Part II, Battlefield Bad Company 3, Gran Turismo 7, Vikings Assassin’s Creed, a Harry Potter-themed game, GTA VI, as well as VR compatible games.



Of course, no official confirmation from PlayStation or Sony on the leaked info, but we’re going to go ahead and start getting excited about the PS5. Because we all know best practice is to believe everything you read on the internet.


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Featured image via Twitter @PS5Console.