Music | | April 20, 2018

After unleashing a twitterstorm this week, Ye dropped the details we’re really after – when’s the next album?


A seven-track solo record will be released on June 1, along with a Kid Cudi collaboration (Kids See Ghosts) marked for June 8. Kanye trademarked Kids See Ghosts back in November for everything from merch, to TV, to streaming services.



Ye’s been using Twitter recently to write a book of philosophy in real-time called Break The Simulation.


Some recent twitterature included “the beauty is the imperfection(s)” and “if you want to see the true character of a person watch the way they treat someone that can’t do anything for them”.


He’s also been tweeting a lot of unreleased YEEZY gear. Prep for Season 6 over here at SSENSE. 


Cover Image: Twitter | @kanyewest