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Just in time for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s rounds in Australia, a regular rooftop bar has transformed – sans polyjuice potion – into a fully immersive Harry Potter experience.



Melbourne’s Imperial Hotel rooftop, now dubbed Vertic Alley, is home to six booths for every wizard, mudblood, muggle and everything in between: The Owlery, Spring St Spell Books, Impossible Feats of Trickery, Bourke St Wands, Wills & Burke and the WIZPAC Bank.



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Each booth has a capacity of roughly 10 to 20 people, and can even be booked out for the night if you can round up a group (maybe leave your Finnigan-esque friend at home though).


Vertic Alley‘s list of potions read so dreamy that the recipes must have come from their very own Half Blood Prince textbook; you can grab some Liquid Luck (Fireball, vodka, orange and sparkling wine), the True Love potion (pomegranate liqueur, hippocampus, raspberry, gin and sparkling wine), Pumpkin Juice (Fireball, orange juice and pumpkin juice), Truth Serum (rosemary infused gin, lavendar and lemon juice) and even their very own specially made Buttah Beer.



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Don’t think you’ll go without your very own Great Hall feast though, because on the menu you can find a range of delicacies from Gillyweed Tacos to Siriusly Black ice cream.


Pop down to Vertic Alley any day of the week from 11am till’ late to catch some treats fit for The Chosen One.


We were fully committed to watching every HP on Netflix after the recent upload, but now that HBO’s docu-series on “Serial” Adnan Syed is coming, we might have to put a pause on Potter. 



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