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Mobile company AT&T has released a short film about the rise of fashion in Harlem, New York thanks to fashion designer Dapper Dan, who’s teamed up with none other than rapper and fellow Harlem native, ASAP Rocky.  


Aside from making bangers, ASAP is known for his unpredictable and eccentric looks that have influenced modern hip-hop artists. It’s no wonder he’s featured in the short film after Dapper Dan once credited him for changing men’s style:


“The biggest challenge to traditional Harlem fashion right now is A$AP Rocky, because he caused a shift. I have never seen it move so far from the traditional look as it is now. That’s really something to examine. And the feedback that I’m getting from the streets is that the style is really almost shocking to some. Harlem fashion was generated from the guys on the corner who had no problem balling like certain entertainers.”


The film chronicles the beginnings of the career of Dapper Dan. He started off in the 1960s selling repurposed luxury brands from the back of his truck, including Gucci. At one point he was raided by police after being accused of copying from other fashion labels.


Now Dapper Dan is famed for bringing high fashion to the hip-hop world and is known as the “Godfather of street style”. Truly the definition of self-made.



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The film is influenced by a roundtable discussion of AT&T’s first (212) Day – an event celebrating the heritage and influence of New York’s 212 area code. It was moderated by Fab 5 Freddy, and featured the likes of ASAP Rocky, Dapper Dan, Teyana Taylor, and designer Jerry Lorenzo. During the roundtable the group details Harlem’s impact on the fashion world.


Watch Dapper Dan and ASAP Rocky give a rundown of the history of Harlem fashion in Kings of Style.



You know what’s better than seeing ASAP Rocky on screen? Seeing him live. We’ve heard that he might be planning a world tour with Kid Cudi.


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