Cut | , , , | October 15, 2018


In the most recent SNL episode, that extremely uncomfortable and weird as fuck oval office meeting between Kanye West and Donald Trump was the latest victim of the show’s iconic parodies.


Just last week the two met for a play date in Donald’s office, which pretty much resulted in Kanye going on a confusing but eloquent rant that sounded like something your best mate Brad would pull in the back of an Uber after a few too many VB’s. Like seriously, thank god for YouTube’s subtitle option.



As if the actual meeting wasn’t cringy and unironically hilarious enough, SNL decided to put their spin on the event which left us with a skit that we could totally see actually happening in real life (sadly).


Donald (played by Alec Baldwin once again) and Kanye (played by SNL’s Chris Redd) discuss a plethora of cooked subjects like flying cars, double universes, mental illnessSuperman, and share a meaningful peace offering of “Cream White” YEEZY BOOST V2‘s and a creepy embrace.


Check out a clip from the skit below.




Although we miss the old Kanye, we’re grateful for the new Ye’s kicks; check out a close insight into the YEEZY BOOST V2 “Static” release.


Cover image via YouTube @Saturday Night Live.