Cut | February 08, 2018

Artificial intelligence is beating us at chess. It’s writing news articles. It’s fighting in wars, controlling space stations, and powering the sex industry. Now, it’s taking on something a little more significant – “VICE-style” headlines.


FYI – They’re not real. 


Here are some of the highlights:


The Best Vegan Cosmo Is Absolutely Terrifying

We Tried Skydiving After Nuclear Armageddon And It Sucked

How Toxic Masculinity Became The New Weed In Rural Philadelphia

This Youtube King Pounds Gummies Like It’s 1897

We Spent Three Hours Inside Miami’s Hidden 40-Acre Vaping HQ

Salvadorans Refuse To Explain Timothée Chalamet To Instagays

I Died 24 Times And Still Risk Playing Ping Pong


The AI is powered by Botnik, a community of  writers and content creators working with machines to “create strange new things.”


I’m feeling redundant …


I wonder if a robot can eat a Dorito without crunching?