Style | , , | July 16, 2019


Major Japanese retailer Uniqlo UT is soon to serve you anime looks with the upcoming release of their Sailor Moon collection.


Uniqlo is partnering up with the beloved franchise to celebrate the announcement that creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original Sailor Moon manga will soon be available on digital format for the first time. 



Sailor Moon first debuted back in 1991. Since then, the manga series has become a worldwide phenomenon, and still holds a major cultural impact in Western and Eastern media. The story follows Usagi Tsukino, who befriends a talking cat who gives her a magical brooch that allows her to transform into the titular Sailor Moon, her alter ego who fights the forces of evil with love and justice.


The collection includes graphic tees, with a little something for all your favourite parts of the series. You can get yourself a purple tie-dye shirt with Sailor Moon’s signature catchphrase. For fans of the supporting cast, there’ll also be a blue shirt with the entire Sailor Scout gang. Other pieces blend graphic with Japanese text, if you’re looking to go full weeb.  



The shirts are marked at 1500 Japanese yen (roughly $19.75 AUD), and are scheduled to be on sale in 26 countries around late August. Stay up to date on all the news on the collection at Uniqlo.


Don’t miss the chance to grab a piece for yourself, so you’ll have the best fit to wear when you go see the upcoming Sailor Moon movie in the franchise, set for 2020.


All images via Uniqlo UT