Galleries, Parties | | September 26, 2016

We’re now at that point where the 2000’s are a common theme for parties, overtaking the rinsed out 80’s (thank god). And as decades pass, we look back and laugh at how ridiculous and stupid people (and ourselves) were at the time. We’ve given future generations enough material already for this decade.

Anyways, Hasbro, those guys that made almost every board game that you used to play as kids (i.e. the time before everyone constantly had a phone in their hands), thought they would try and hit those nostalgic buttons of ours by releasing a 2000s edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Pedestrian made this idea as fun as they could with a bangin’ 2000’s party at COMMUNE in Sydney. We have to admit it was pretty fun.


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Photos by Pedestrian TV.