Music | , | July 28, 2017

Ah the internet, we can blame it for an increased dependancy on technology and a growing case of social disdain but it’s endless hours of procrastination it provides we’ll forever be thankful for.


Recently, we’ve been avoiding responsibility at all costs thanks to this Reddit thread,  ‘Thomas The Dank Engine’. Reddit has always been useful for discovering new music however, this has opened our eyes (and ears) to the wonderful world of children show theme song remixes.



Thomas The Tank Engine’s theme song was a BANGER. Let’s not lie, when you were 4, you totally got down to the disjointed piano tune and trappy beat whilst Thomas and his mates rode along. Yes? No? Well, now you definitely will.



Truly no piece of pop culture is safe from the phenomena. We didn’t think the Fresh Prince theme song could get any catchier.



Thank you, Reddit.