Cut | , | November 13, 2018


Melo might be heading out of Houston.


Carmelo Anthony was conspicuously absent on Sunday for the Rockets’ game against the Indiana Pacers. The absence comes amidst rampant rumours that Houston is considering letting the veteran player loose.




But, before we go wild with speculation for where Melo might go, GM Daryl Morey was quick to shut down rumors during pre-game press conference.


He addressed the situation by saying there were “a lot of unfair, like, rumours and everything going around about [Anthony],”


The Rockets, of course, have had a less-than-stellar season with a 5-7 record at the moment, which has only fuelled the whispers going around on why the team would cut Anthony.


It probably doesn’t help that a veteran and set-in-his-ways player like Anthony was seen as a big risk for the team from the moment they signed him earlier this year. Then again, Houston could also probably use a scapegoat for their lackluster record this year.


Anyway, we basically have no solid information and know nothing, but here are some Twitter commentators who’ve taken the rumours and pretty much just ran with it.









Hopefully there’s no bad blood once this all shakes out. We don’t want another Ja Rule/50 Cent situation.


Cover image via Instagram @houstonrockets.