Culture | | January 15, 2019


After teasing and taunting us with Season 8 snippets and hints here and there, HBO has finally revealed the official air date for the latest season of Game of Thrones (after trolling us with a tweet of course), along with a full length minute-and-a-half teaser.



The date we’ve all been waiting for: Season 8 of GoT will release on April 14th in the US, which couldn’t come sooner considering the wait from 2017-2019 for new content has been painstakingly long.


Game of Thrones’ eighth season will only consist of 6 episodes, although each episode is expected to have the same viewing time as that of a feature film, as well as including the biggest battle scene that have ever been filmed.


Although we’ll probably stare at a wall for 18 hours straight after we finish the latest season, contemplating life and what our true purpose is, HBO has already started work on a prequel series; surrounding the origin story of the White Walkers, the mysteries the East holds, and the Starks. So at least we’ll have something else to look forward to.


Check out the trailer below and try and hold in your overwhelming excitement.



Cover image via Game of Thrones.