Cut | , | August 27, 2018

SZA recently opened up to fans via Twitter, sharing her experiences in retail before she pursued a career in music, when the story took a totally unexpected and hilarious turn.


We learnt that SZA worked for Sephora, H&M, True Religion, Abercrombie and finally Deisel, where she got fired due to a “weed brownie conspiracy”.



It all started when SZA had an appetite for the brownies her co-worker kindly and totally innocently brought to work for everyone.




I’m sure we’re all familiar with the fact that if there’s free food in the break room, you take it. 



Although things weren’t all what they were cracked up to be, girl got fired over some fucking brownies.




Will this make us think twice about taking free food though? Probably not.


Speaking of celebs acting like they ate meth, Azealia Banks recently hid out in Elon Musk’s mansion.