Culture | | April 27, 2018

The work week can be soul-destroying. Especially when the internet’s full of folk throwing in the towel for alternative-lifestyle’s where the sand is always warm and the sunset’s are pink and epiphanies rain down like sermons from Buddha.


Meanwhile, we’re going all Jamie Foxx x Collateral with an island postcard stuck to our sun shades.


Here’s a couple of options to take which’ll save you dimes and help you get up in the air.


Cycle From Seville To Granada


Last time I was in Seville I lost my wallet and passport because I passed out on a park bench. My brother’s friend met me three days later and took me for a meal – cheers, Clive.


Take a more wholesome approach with a cycle through southern Spain, starting in Seville – a town known for two things: oranges and girls. Deets here.


Hit New Orleans And Miami


Explore the towns that gave you some of the best beaches, jazz and of course, Will Smith’s Miami. Party in the city where the heat is on / all night, on the beach till the break of dawn.


The Red Centre


Buckle up and keep it local. Head to the middle of Aus as the sun starts to lose its edge. Take a look at ancient rock formations, domes, canyons, and find that missing part of your soul by diving into a fucking freezing watering hole.


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Cover Image: Instagram | @feliciathegoat