Cut | , | September 25, 2017


South Park has maintained an essential role in the cultural zeitgeist because of it’s scathing pop cultural critiques and topical political humour. However, their most recent parody of Kanye West has taken things to a new level of distasteful and quite frankly, disrespectful without reason.


The latest trailer for The Fractured But Whole: Game Is Gold portrays Kanye’s late mother, Donda West, as a horse riding fish trying to get to heaven. Funny? Probably not. Questionable? Definitely.


Kanye has in the past, been extremely public with the emotional and mental struggle faced after losing his mother – have South Park totally missed the mark with this?



Kanye has been recorded breaking down whilst trying to perform “Hey Mama.” – a vulnerability we don’t often see from the superstar.


It is widely known that no celebrity is safe from the wrath of the show, however, with society’s amplified awareness for mental health struggles finally coming to the forefront this could be a total misstep.