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In case you haven’t yet had enough of the movie that spawned a million memes:


Bird Box, the movie where Sandra Bullock stumbles around with a blindfold for most of the runtime, has become one of Netflix’s most successful original movies to date.


Since it’s the internet’s latest obsession, Andy Bergholtz, the film’s special effects designer gave fans a behind the scenes look at the movie’s previously unseen monsters.



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So, here’s the demonic baby that was torturing Sandra Bullock.


Bergholtz also points out that the monsters would appear different to every person, and this was the demon meant for Bullock’s character in a scene that was ultimately cut. In fact, director Susanne Bier made the decision to not show any of the monsters at all.


We can’t say we’re too upset about the decision. Not knowing what the monsters looked like added immeasurably to the tension of the movie.


Plus, we’re not sure if we could have handled seeing this deformed baby monster showing up on screen. Its vibe is very “what I see in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis.” We’ll have to pass.


If you haven’t yet seen the film yet and are having relaxing, restful nights, we can change that for you; check out the trailer below.



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