Culture | | January 29, 2018

I’ll be honest, I never really liked superhero flicks. My ex always watched them. Wolverine’s claws and Cyclopes‘ sunnies are tight, but,  honestly, too much CGI.


And what’s with Magneto and his magnets? Bit OP?


Having said that, Black Panther looks legit:



The latest clip teases advanced tech from Wakanda, a fictional home to Black Panther. A bulletproof suit, kinetic energy, and driverless cars actually seem pretty real in the age of Musk.


Kendrick Lamar will be producing the entire soundtrack alongside Top Dawg Entertainment CEO, Anthony ‘Tiffith.


The first drop from the album is a SZA and Kenny collab, All The Stars:



Other confirmed artists include Jay Rock, Future and James Blake, so at least we know the music will be on point.


Black Panther will be dropping on Feb 15.


For real though, check out these ominous driverless trucks.