Culture | March 30, 2018

If there’s any time of the year where you have to be careful what you read on the Internet, it’s April Fools Day. Amongst the pranks were Coogee Bay’s Disneyland announcement, Vin Diesel’s death, and my personal favourite, HornHub – a porn site dedicated to brass instruments.


Back in 2017, Rick and Morty fans were shocked when Adult Swim aired the season three premiere. Their stunt led people to believe the airdate was a prank, but it turned out to be the best April Fools ever.


Dan Harmon has since informed us that Rick and Morty is in turmoil, unsure about its future or whether Adult Swim are going to renew the series.


But lo and behold, Rick and Morty returned with one of the most whacked-out parodies of all time.


A road trip from Wollongong to Bendigo, an abusive grandfather, a talking ute and a 7/11 murder are just some of the features of the 11 minute video. Equally as disturbing as it is entertaining, it’s a concoction of everything that made The Big Lez Show successful (albeit with more profanity and science fiction).


Created by Wollongong animator Michael Cusack, it’s put Bendigo on the map, as a spike in searches for Bendigo was recorded from the United States. The parody perfectly portrays rural Australian towns as desolate, bleak and completely off-putting.


Mayor of Bendigo, Margaret O’Rourke, said “Google searches have soared ever since it was released, and people would know by those searches that Bendigo is nothing like what’s in the parody.”



Mixed responses have flooded the net, as this years April Fools was a genuine prank for Rick and Morty fans. There’s always next year, guys.


Rick and Morty’s bushland adventure can be viewed via Adult Swim’s website. 


In the meantime, why not join the throngs trying to snort condoms through their noses and out their mouths? 


Header image: @adultswim