Culture | April 18, 2018

God of War is dropping on April 20 and it’s already copping huge scores from all major video game publications, positioning itself atop Mt. Olympus as the game to beat in 2018.


The eighth instalment in the long-standing Playstation exclusive is sitting on Metacritic with an aggregate score of 95 (based on 90 critics).


The game revolves around Kratos and his son, who hack-and-slash through a world inspired by Greek and Norse mythology.


I’m still hacking-and-blaspheming my way through Dark Souls (seriously, what the fuck’s up with that game’s difficulty), but rest assured, I’ll be taxing my housemate hard for a PS4 this week.


God Of War drops this Friday.



Suss how much Grand Theft Auto V made over the course of its lifespan (hint: more than any film, album or video game ever).


Cover Image: Playstation