Cut | , | December 03, 2018


Drug use seems to be a constant topic within the Aussie government, from comparing poppers to heroin, to threatening to shut down the iconic Defqon because of drug dangers, MP’s love a little bit of drug quarrel.


The latest topic to pop up once again is that of cannabis use, with Labor member Michael Pettersson ready to change the laws and outlook surrounding the drug. If all goes well, Pettersson’s bill will be approved by the state government’s Legislative Assembly, meaning it could potentially become legal for adults in the ACT to hold up to 50 grams of weed for recreational use, or possess four cannabis plants without any legal repercussions.


Pettersson states that 75 out of 80 submissions he’s received in regards to the bill have been positive, as well as a spokeswoman for ACT Labor confirming that the whole party hold the same support of the bill. This means there are now 12 votes in favour of the bill, with the 13th being up to the Greens and the Liberals.


Essentially, only one more vote is needed for the bill to pass and for recreational weed to be legal in the ACT.



Small amounts of cannabis use for personal factors has previously been decriminalised in the state, although you can still be fined if you’re caught carrying 50 grams of cannabis or less, which would be abolished if the bill becomes approved.


Of course, drug dealing would still be illegal, so settle down and don’t think you can be out here making business cards for your services.


Passing of the bill is aimed to have benefits including weakening organised crime surrounding the dealing of weed, as instead of buying it off of others, users can just grow their own weed to smoke without any legal discipline.


“Whatever reduces the numbers of foolish young people, who are notorious for making poor lifestyle choices, from destroying their entire lives for what is essentially a trivial crime is a good thing.” states Dr. David Caldicott, explaining that the bill would overall reduce harm from drugs.


At this rate, it sounds like ACT is well on its way to becoming the first Australian state to legalise recreational marijuana use. Good luck turning around Scott Morrison though.


Cover image via Instagram @weedmaps.