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Earlier in the year, Travis Scott released one of the most anticipated albums of 2018: Astroworld. The album was positively received by many, but amongst all of us bumping Sicko Mode and going to all lengths for Astroworld merch, not everyone was happy with the album’s outcome.


In the previous week, Frank Ocean reportedly issued a cease and desist against Travis Scott over his features on Astroworld.


TMZ reported that Ocean was unhappy with the way his vocals were portrayed on his featured track, Carousel, as they were apparently subject to autotune and pitch shifting. Ocean’s lawyers then followed up with a cease and desist issue to Scott, which we all believed was regarding the track.


Everyone lost their shit, scrambling to switch tabs from Nicki v. Cardi forums.


Although, Ocean (in true Frank nature) took to his Tumblr to clear up the spat for us;



Judging by Ocean’s emoji use, the cease and desist was actually regarding another personal issue he had over Astroworld‘s album cover.


Controversy surrounding Scott’s decision to remove transgender model Amanda Lepore from his album cover circulated around the internet for a while, and looks to be confirmed by Ocean as the reason behind his legal actions.


Although, Scott made it aware that he had no ill intentions as the decision was more based off of artistic purposes rather than personal factors; admitting that Lepore “upstaged” everyone.


No need to start separating your Blonde merch from your Cactus Jack kicks though, as Scott took to Instagram to show his undying friendship with Ocean, with Ocean himself confirming it intact through his Tumblr post.



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Someone I call family and always will. Has taught me a ton. And a true inspiration in an out of the Stu Gang

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Let’s take a breather for the end of another (way more intense) series of disagreements with the conclusion of Drake v. Meek Mill.


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