Galleries | | August 18, 2016

Before disc mans, tapes and the ol’ iPod Classic, old-school vinyl was the King of the music industry. This month Sydney is flipping it back to the Golden Ages with a exhibition by Ambush Gallery and Lord Street Collective.

The exhibition will be home to over 200 Aussie artists, who will feature their artworks on second-hand records. All proceeds going to the non-profit arts organisation Heaps Decent, allowing disadvantaged youth to fulfil their creative dreams.

The artists turning wax to art include Ears, Birdhat, Chris Yee, Brett Chan and Phibs.



Sleeve design by James Lesjak-Atton



Artwork by Helen Proctor



Artwork by World in Crisis



Opening night is Friday 19 August from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery

Exhibition will continue daily from 12-8pm until Sunday 4 September.