Cut | | December 17, 2018


We were probably expecting Post Malone‘s next move to be a new single, or maybe a music video, or pretty much anything other than releasing his own toys in Target.


In case you’re unfamiliar with Fugglers, they’re pretty much a line of creepy toys with lots of tiny teeth and misshapen bodies. The perfect balance of being so weird-looking that they’re kind of cute (no, we’re not talking about Kodak Black).



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Posty has recently jumped on the Fuggler train by announcing that he’s releasing his own personal collection of toys, uglier and creepier than all the rest.


Via Instagram, he debuted two different designs; one super furry, Chewbacca-esque doll with eerily blue eyes, and one that resembles Post himself so much that we’re kind of concerned.



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my @fugglers got weird last night 🙂 Check my story and swipe up to get your own. They’re now available @Target 📷 by @adamdegross #ad

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The Fuggler x Post Malone – Fugg Malone’s, if you will – are available now in Targets across America.


Buy these for your kids along with the Post Malone crocs if you want them to have a traumatic upbringing.


Or maybe the new Pokémon Tamagotchis will go down a bit better. 


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