Cut | January 10, 2019


2019 is off to a great start.


There’s apparently a man hunt for a Salinas resident, caught licking someone’s doorbell for 3 hours straight.



According to KION, the Salinas, California police have officially identified Roberto Daniel Arroyo as being the notorious licker.


The owners of the house had just installed new surveillance camera’s to probably stop the obvious like, you know, theft, break and enter…we’re pretty sure house tasting wouldn’t have been on their list.


“We were pleasantly surprised the image was so clear it didn’t take us long to identify the individual, Miguel Cabrera of the Salinas Police Department said.


While homeowner Sylvia Dungan admits that Arroyo’s actions were strange, she said that things certainly could have been worse.


“You kind of laugh about it afterwards because, technically, he didn’t harm anybody, he didn’t break anything…This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home.”


I guess that’s a lesson learnt by all the neighbouring home owners, who are probably hitting their doorbells with some Dettol as we speak.


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Cover image via ABC 7.