Kicks | February 12, 2018

KICK: Nike PG 2 “Playstation”

RELEASE: February 10, 2018

PRICE: $110.00 USD

BUY: Online


The nexus between gaming and streetwear continues to bolster. We’ve had BAPE, Undefeated, and ASSC collaborate with Gran Turismo, Fila announcing a series of Pokemon shoes, and this week, the release of Nike’s Playstation kicks.


But has Nike gone too far?


NBA All-Star Paul George loves his damn Playstation. He brings his PS4 to every away game OKC play. Now, he’s attempting to translate this love of gaming to footwear, with his new shoes, the PG 2.



Is this the logical collision between gaming and kicks – a beautiful symphony of  design? Or has Paul George gone off the rails?


Let’s take a closer look …



We’ve got lace loops reflecting the blue, green, pink and red of the Dual Shock, the speckled galaxy of the Playstation’s home screen, a black leather heel tab featuring all the shapes of the controller, and, of course, we have the Playstation logo stamped on the tongue.


But here’s the real news: they actually turn on.



I’ve sunk my teeth, feet, and fists into every iteration of Playstation’s Dual Shock controllers. But actually strapping them to my foot and turning them on?


On the back of the sneaker’s tongue is a power button, which you can hit to light-up the soles. But here’s the catch – you can’t recharge them. So if you’re halfway through your routine at SEV’s on Friday night and these kicks turn off – well, then, you’re fucked.


My gf told me it was a deal-breaker if I bought these shoes, but, honestly, I need something to turn on-and-off while I wait for Red Dead Redemption 2. 


Or, we could all just play this video game inspired by Bitcoin.