Cut | , , | November 21, 2018


Get your mouthguards refit and ready, because we now know exactly when Manny Pacquiao is heading into the ring with Adrien Broner.


WBA Welterweight World champ Pacquiao announced at a press conference in Manila that he would be putting his title on the line in a fight against Adrien Broner at an undetermined point in the future.


However, Pac and Broner both appeared in New York to announce that the match would be going down officially in January 2019.


So mark your calendars. Pacquiao hasn’t had the best record as of late, going just 3-2 in his last five matches, but maybe this will be a return to form.


There’s also the fact that this official announcement means Pac Man has finally settled his massive eight-figure tax debt, so good for him.


Pacquiao vs. Broner may not be the mammoth headline fight that Pac vs. Mayweather was back in 2015, but a Broner defeat may mean a Mayweather rematch down the line. Stay tuned.


In other sports news, Carmelo is a rocket no more.


Cover image via Instagram @mannypacquiao.