Cut | | October 15, 2018


The current drug prices around Australia are existentially suffering from an identity crisis; Johnny from around the corner could charge you $90 for 100mg of crystal whereas private school Moey could charge you merely lunch money and a can of V.


City to city drug markets also majorly differ from one another, which goes surprisingly unnoted: where should you be spending your hard earned money for a pingin’ weekend?


According to recent 2007-2017 reports by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Committee, NSW consumes the most in uppers – 427 kilos a year to be exact – which comes as no surprise when discovered that there’s no better place to buy cheap pills.


Ecstasy pills in NSW can go for a measly $3.70 – $4.50 wholesale price when dividing each pill up from a one-kilo bag. So, essentially, you could be deciding between your daily coffee or a cap depending on how you’re feeling.


Queensland comes in as themost expensive state for pills at $6 a pop, leaving our schoolies and BrisVegas go’ers in a state of sunburn and overpriced ecstasy.


Although NSW has the cheapest pingers, they also have the largest price variance in drugs, considering ice could be going for $150 a 100mg, whereas coke could cost you up to $600, and MDMA at street value could set you back $10-$50 a piece.


For a more consistent and reliable market, South Australia has your back for a standard $4.50 price per wholesale pinger and $330 for a bag of coke.


Although NSW is the most cooked city right now, SA is on the rise too because drugs are so cheap. No wonder we don’t even know who our Prime Minister is.



In other news, amyl is being put in the same drug category as heroin, resulting in an upcoming ban on Poppers. Rude.


Cover image via Imgur @doesanybodyeverreadytheusername and Genius