Cut | , | February 19, 2019


With the new iPhone on the way – as is the same with any Apple release – a bunch of rumours and supposed features have surfaced, too.


According to insider reports, the iPhone XR‘s older brother will hold the “bilateral” charging software. With this feature, the phone will be able to mimic a power pad by wirelessly charging any other device placed on top.


Also utilising the same bilateral charging feature is Apple’s upcoming “AirPower”; a charging mat for any Apple product, which can charge more than one device at a time. First rumoured to be released in 2018, the mats have apparently been moved for release in 2019 and will also be compatible with the new AirPods case coming soon, too.



The new iPhone is going to have the highest quality of battery life in an Apple product yet, alongside features like a triple-lens camera and superior facial recognition.


Just watch our older iPhones mysteriously decay and break down as the new release happens…


The future is nigh with Apple; meanwhile Motorola are bringing back the iconic RAZR flip phone. What even is 2019. 


Cover image via Apple.