Culture | | September 27, 2017

Streaming has undeniably altered the way in which we consume entertainment, catapulting the phenomenal binge watching lifestyle into the stratosphere. Now, you can take Narcos obsession and your House of Cards addiction to the clouds with Netflix’s new deal that’ll keep you glued to ya screen, even when turbulence strikes.


According to Variety, the entertainment monolith will literally be taking their content ~out of this world~ and into the clouds, extending their services to airline in-flight entertainment. As of next year their ‘bandwidth technology’ (i.e. the transmitting signals needed to stream – don’t worry, we had to look up what it meant as well…) will be fitted to certain aircrafts meaning you’ll literally never be bored during a flight again.



Back in 2015, Netflix inked a deal with Virgin Airlines to offer free wi-fi to passengers and have since penned similar deals with Aeromexico, Qantas and Virgin Australia.


Effectively, this means you can take your Netflix and Chill sesh to the mile high club and that 14 hour flight will never seem like a burden again.