Cut | | January 23, 2019


Whenever we hear Motorolait brings us straight back to being 10 in the back of our nan’s car, flicking through all the ring tones before settling on the “Hello Moto” one, and recording songs from the radio for our own bootleg equivalent to iTunes.


Now in 2019, we have the opportunity to go back to those days. Reports state that Motorola are making moves to revive the RAZR flip phone , which originally released in 2004.


There’s no word of when the exact release date will be or what the phone will look like, but we do know that in collaboration with Verizon, the updated phone will be $1,500 USD. For perspective, that’s literally the same price as a 512GB iPhone XS, so, this phone better be a huge upgrade from what we remember it being.


Although along with the new and improved features, the RAZR will still have the same foldable screen. Will this be the iPhone of flip phones?


Here’s a mock-up circulating the internet. At least we can hang up on people dramatically like the good old days?



We love a good throwback, like news that Tony Hawk was going to star in a skate “Space Jam” spinoff once upon a time.


Cover image via LadBible.