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I was prepping for ye all week by belting out Kanye’s catalogue in a small beach shack in Collaroy. I made my way to one of my favourite tracks in TLOPWaves: “And she grabbin’ on my dick like / she wanna see if it’ll fit right”. My housemate came in – “Dude, what the fuck? You can’t yell that shit. We’re literally living above; below; beside pensioners.”


Despite his various vulgarities, you can’t deny ‘Ye’s incredible aptitude for musical composition. Case in point – Ghost Town. Anyway, how does he preface his latest album? Track 1: “Just say it out loud to see how it feels”.


Okay, here it goes; free thought.


Daytona > ye.


Track 1. | Harlem Anthem – A$AP Ferg

Ferg pays tribute to the Harlem rappers before his time with this upbeat track, filled with bold instrumentals and intense groove. The single was made as a contribution to the Uncle Drew soundtrack, amping up all hype levels for the movie.


Track 2. | Ups & Downs – KYLE

KYLE introduces his debut album with this single, paving the way for the rest of the tracks we can expect. The track starts off with deep lyrics about depression and self-deprecation backed up by a cheerful rhythm, which takes a sudden turn with KYLE reassuring us that everything will be fine in our lives: the perfect mid-week motivation.


Track 3. | If You Know You Know – Pusha T

Our favourite track from Pusha’s insanely popular album; as soon as that beat kicks in we forget about our responsibilities and that there’s still a lifetime until the weekend.


Track 4. | Ghost Town – Kanye West

This piece is becoming one of the standouts on Kanye’s latest album, ye. Featuring breakout star 070 Shake (and apparently John Legend), the track’s highlight has to be the epic outro which alone warrants a playlist addition.


Track 5. | Trouble On Central – Buddy

Buddy’s music is playful and breezy, and Trouble On Central is a testament that Buddy plays to his strengths. There’s a certain smoothness to his voice which aids our mid-week blues so, so well.


Track 6. | Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD

We almost feel like this track is the brother of Posty’s I Fall Apart. We love painful and solemn lyrics about heartbreak behind a good beat, which Juice does alongside deep analogies and a sample of Sting’s Shape Of My Heart.


Track 7. | Duppy Freestyle – Drake

Drake had us catching breath with this track. As his response to Pusha T’s diss track Infrared, this single not only bangs, but also proves that coming for Drake maybe isn’t the best idea.


Track 8. | No Place – Rufus

New name, who dis? Rufus Du Sol are continuing their success from 2016’s Bloom to enter 2018  with a new track, No Place. Another big sound coming from the Australian electronic legends mixing those sweet, sweet vocals with an infectious bass drop. Long weekend, we hear you calling.


Track 9. | Club Mate – Oscar Key Sung

Australian R&B producer and singer Oscar Key Sung releases a new EP comprised of his most powerful work to date. #2 on his Spotify popular list is Club Mate, and it sure deserves it. The track leans heavily on a baseline piano, drum and ethereal voice that produces a poetic, soulful R&B track. Catch the tracks live with his Australian tour starting June through July.


Track 10. | Downtown Shutdown – The Presets

After 6 long years The Presets are back with, Hi Viz, an album that caters for all those needing that midweek pick me up. Downtown Shutdown sees itself as one of the more carefree sounds in the midst of 12 brand new tunes. You’ll be met by a contagious dance beat and that familiar voice giving you a taste of 2012 Preset mentality. In need of a boogie? hit play now.


What’s with all this trash between Pusha-T and Drake?


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