My mother never forgave my cousin for clearing the dance floor back in ’09. He put on Iggy Pop at a family event and the crowd just couldn’t handle it; always know your demographics. My father had worked hard over several hours to bring a half-dozen middle-aged Italians to the dance floor – all of which unravelled 17 seconds into Iggy’s Nightclubbing. My cousin was so rattled he spilt a bottle of red on the carpet.


Here’s a mixtape that’ll even get your cynical, sedentary, shit-bag of a step-dad moving.


Track 1. | 435 – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler today shared the video for the his previously unreleased track 435. The beat was put together while Tyler toured Flower Boy, and was filmed by Luis “Panch” Perez. The beat was “just another thing sitting on [Tyler’s] hard-drive.  Can we please take a look at this hard-drive?



Track 2. | Bedtime Stories – Rae Sremmurd

The Weeknd’s falsetto brings in this track, followed by Sremmurd’s distinct voice. There’s versatility and variation in this drop between all the features, making it a unique listening experience.


Track 3. | Love is – Jay Prince

Jay Prince’s voice got me on all up on the beach in summer; even though I’m freezing my ass off on the T1. This track’s uplifting, mellow, chilled and everything you want in a song to get you through to Friday.


Track 4. | Drop Top Benz – Lil Gnar

Fashion designer turned rapper Lil Gnar collabs with Lil Skies in this SoundCloud single. Lil Skies rules the majority of the track with a catchy hook, but Lil Gnar brings the heat with just a single verse. You can catch Lil Skies at Listen Out, 2018.


Track 5. | Potential – Kllo

Melbourne duo Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam slow it down with this breakup track, fusing melancholy R&B tones with lyrics about unrequited love.

Track 6. | Taste – Tyga

The pulsing rhythm and backing vocals of Taste will give you huge stank face. It’s definitely what makes this song complete, aside from Tyga’s witty lyrics and Offset’s feature that ties the track together seamlessly.


Track 7. | Champion – NAV

Travis Scott teams up with NAV once again for his newly released album, RECKLESS. This track has a refreshing, lighter beat than other base-heavy hip-hop tracks we hear today, but it still packs a punch.


Track 8. | Old Niggas (1985) – YBN Cordae

YBN responds to J.Cole’s 1985 with Old Niggas. Throughout 1985, Cole calls out the new generation of hip-hop and rap. YBN claps back by producing bars about closing the gap between old school and new school, as well as appreciation for all and the balance that the genre needs.


Did you suss the lineup for Listen Out 2018? A$AP Rocky’s headlining …


Cover Image: Instagram | @feliciathegoat